Air Glide 1.1 Nokia Game




The objective of this game is to collect all the letter H’s and land on the landing pad without touching the ground. The H’s are spread through each level. Some levels have 3-4 H’s while others only have one. The glider cannot land until he gets all the H’s.

On the ground are arrows. The arrows either point up or down. The arrows pointing up sends your glider up while arrows pointing down pulls your glider to the ground. You need to use these arrows to get the H’s that are both low and high. There are also birds and balloons in each level. If your glider touches the birds or balloons, then he will lose a live. As you reach higher levels, there will be more birds and balloons.

Collecting the H’s while avoiding the enemies is what makes the game more challenging. It does get frustrating at times to avoid enemies while collecting the H’s. The good thing is that you can save your progress.

Note in order to transfer this game to your phone you will either need the Nokia Pc Suite

Format: For UK and Non EU Zip File Containing filesĀ 


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