Stop Smoking hypnosis session




Do you want to quit smoking those cigarettes that make you feel unhealthy and negative about yourself? This is a highly effective multiple session CD which will bring you back to a natural state of making healthy choices for your body, by quitting smoking for good. Your body is always in a natural process of renewing healthy cells for a productive system of well being. It is now time to re-align your mind with the healthy work your body is already doing.

Hypnosis recording should not be listened to when driving or operating machinery.

These recordings can be purchased on a cd from the original makers however the cost is £4 ($5.95)

We have purchased resale rights allowing us to bring them to you for just £1.99 You can always purchase advanced courses from the original makers if they work well for you. Makers website is mentioned at the end of each recording.
Format: For UK and Non EU Zip File Containing EXE 
Download Size : 92MB


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